Rama Navami

According to Hindu religion, Rama is considered as the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu who was born to queen Kaushalya and king Dasharath in Ayodhya, destined to destroy Ravana, a demon king who ruled Lanka. Birth of Lord Rama is celebrated as Rama Navami in the beginning of spring season. Lord Rama is always worshipped with his sibling – Laxman, his wife – Sita and his devotee – Hanuman.

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Celebrations: Indians celebrate Ramanavami with bhajans and kirtan followed with citation of Ramayana (story of Rama). In northern states, the celebrations also include chariot processions.

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Alternate meaning of Rama Navami according to Sri Ravi Shankar (spiritual leader; founder of Art of living): Sri Ravi Shankar compares Rama to soul/radiance, where Ra means ‘ray of light’ and ma means ‘within me’. Hence the word Rama stands for ‘light within me’. Thus, the day light within me manifests is known as Ramanavami

Sri Ravi Shankar compares our body with Rama and his kingdom. According to him, our body is Ayodhya, meaning which cannot be destroyed/conquered. Within our body, Dasharath (king of 5 sense organs and 5 organs of action) and Kaushalya (skilful) gave birth to Rama (radiance).Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 4.31.34 PM Rama (radiance) was always accompanied by his wife Sita (mind), but when mind was taken away by Ravana (ego), the space was replaced with ego. Meaning mind was overpowered by ego.
Rama (radiance) and his sibling Laxman (awareness) along with Hanuman (life energies) brought Sita (mind) back to home.
Thus, Rama navami is a recurring cycle that happens within our body.