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Treasures of life- Poetry with Warli drawings

Treasures of life is a collection of illustrated poetry on emotions and blessings, written with an intention to create a different perception on reality of life.  Available in amazon kindle and paperback (US/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/JP/CA/AU)

/*If not able to purchase books from your currency, simply type Namitha Tantri in amazon search from your desired location and you will find the list of books that I have published.*/


The perfect planner for ambitious students/professionals/homemakers to enhance productivity and not to miss out any important activity.

Available in US/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/JP/CA/AU

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Love – poetry

The more you look around yourself, the more you will count your blessings. You will reach a stage where you feel contentment and peace within. When you realise you have everything with you, you will no longer crave for fame or money. Here is one of the poem that I published in my first poetry…

Self-esteem -poetry

Do not take it to heart If your self-esteem is badly hurt. For, it’s also your expectation from others to appreciate you whatsoever! -Namitha Tantri Others might tell you what you cannot do;Others might pull you down as you rise; Others might hurt you when you are happy; Have you wondered why? what have you…

Witches in Warli tribe

Warli art is the ancient folk art of India, practised even today in the region of Maharashtra. Every religious ceremony in Warlis are mediated by a priest or Bhagata. In order to become main bhagata, students take intensive trainings in different groups, in caves or in hidden locations. This knowledge transfer is done by one…

Inner voice

Have you ever wondered what are inner voices, which convinces you to decide what is right or wrong? It is our voice, but the messages received, are the values and teachings from our parents. Little things which they have kept repeating, what is good or bad comes in the form of voice. We can hear…


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