Some of the best-selling books that I have written are in the below genres.
– Illustrated children’s books
– Warli art books
– Self-help poetry book
– Planners & journals

Printable worksheets

Sharing all the printable worksheets which I use for my kids. Most of the worksheets are free of cost and instant download.

Recent Posts

21 days fitness tracker – Free download!

Change is the law of the Universe -Bhagavad Gita. Some people change with time, some change after a major life experience and others change by choice. The changes can be in the perception or in their lifestyle. Both need constant effort, consistency and motivation. Your habits and routine put together in everyday life form your…

3 Ways to practice gratitude with Warli art

Practising gratitude is important for a healthy and happy lifestyle. A sense of peace and contentment is experienced when you are grateful for everything. Practising gratitude can also be a way of manifestation. You attract more blessings that you can be grateful for. How to practise gratitude: Three ways to practise gratitude with Warli art:…

Happy last week of 2022!

There was a time when only one religion celebrated a particular festival. But now because of people moving to different countries, celebration has become a part of our lifestyle. A feeling of belonging appears when celebrating together. Here we are at the end of the year, reflecting and making goals for the upcoming year. As…

Free alphabet and vehicle printable worksheet

It is always easy for children to learn the alphabet when they have something they like to relate to. One such theme for learning the alphabet is the Vehicle theme. The vehicle colouring book is available on amazon for 5,00 € (or national price equivalent). It is a perfect colouring workbook for kids who love vehicles.…


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