Hello! I’m Namitha Tantri, an Indian living in Belgium.
I am a writer, a self-publisher and a mother of two children, with lots of interests in dance, science and spirituality.

How it started? I began exploring creativity after becoming a Mother! I started with a creative writing blog and Indian Warli art on Canvas. After experimenting for 3 consecutive years, I published my first poetry book with digital Warli art illustration in 2020. Apart from poetries and art, I also create useful planners to improve productivity and manage important tasks.

How is it going? It is hard to stop once you unlock the creative side of the brain. I published my second poetry book with illustrations in 2022. Also launched an Etsy store where I sell digital Wall art prints.

Future? They say, Write a book that you would love to read. Hence, there are several books coming in the next couple of years, for all little readers and the ones on their spiritual path. Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog page! I hope this blog helps you to stay positive and inspires you to think creatively. You can send an email to namitha.tantri@gmail.com with any feedback or ideas. 
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