Garden decor

This photo was taken in one of the hotel gardens in the Netherlands. A natty blue gown was used as the garden decor. The cloth was tied with a thin string just above the pond.   Word prompt: Natty    

Locked for Life

I had taken this picture in cologne bridge, Germany. I could see only 2 names in all the locks, only this particular lock had 4 names. I assumed they could be best friends. Photo challenge: Friend

Schöner Brunnen, Nuremberg, Germany

‘Schöner brunnen’ is a 14th century fountain in Hauptmarkt, Nuremberg. The specialty of the fountain is, it has a rotatable brass ring in between the iron grills. Turning the ring is considered to bring good luck and your wish will be fulfilled. People who want to have a child, turn it thrice and have experienced the luck….


Drinking a cup of coffee in a garden and reading a good book is an evanescent moment to me. Photo challenge: evanescent 

Mei-avond, a dutch tradition

Meiavondviering (May evening) takes place every year at the end of April in Hasselt, Belgium. Hasselt has been following this tradition from mid-16th century. A large doll, made from birch tree is burnt. This doll represents winter, which means metaphorically ‘burning the winter and welcoming spring’.

If these walls could talk

East side gallery, Berlin, Germany:  It is 1316 m long section of Berlin wall. The wall gallery consists of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world. Weekly photo challenge: Heritage

WPC: The tasty wine

I had taken this picture at an Indian restaurant, Gent, Belgium. Wine had reflection of ceiling, which had a beautiful picture of red fort, Delhi, India. Weekly photo challenge : Reflecting