Famous folk art paintings from India

Folk art refers to traditional art forms and crafts created by people who may or may be not formally trained as artists. It is deeply rooted in the cultural and historical traditions of a particular region, community, or ethnic group. Folk art reflects the unique identity, values, and beliefs of a community, and it is…

Coming soon: Stories from the Countryside of India!

I am delighted to announce the upcoming release of my captivating new book, “Stories from the Countryside of India!” This remarkable book is set to take you on a mesmerizing journey into the enchanting world of Warli art, a traditional art form of India that has captivated generations with its simplicity and rich cultural heritage….

Learn to draw Warli tribal art of India: Step by step guide

What is Warli art? India has preserved various forms of folk arts that also include sculptures, pottery, painting embroidery and more. These folk art are practised mainly by the tribal people living in the interior regions of India. Warli art is a famous form of folk art made by tribal people living in the Maharashtra…

Gratitude journal

As the year 2020 is coming to an end, its time to reflect on our life, growth and be grateful to everything that is helping us evolve. Reasons why you need to maintain a gratitude journal: Making a list of good things helps in boosting positivity and motivates to face new beginnings. An invaluable way…

Home decor ideas

Some experiments done at home which has been successful and is used as decor in my house. LED lights inside empty wine bottle Kitchen glass jars filled with sand, water and some water plant Wooden frame hanged on wall and mirror paper butterflies glued around the frame.  Weekly photography challenge: Experimental