Tulips in Antwerp

This is one of my favorite event organized at Antwerp once in every two year, around mid April. This takes place in a field at Berendrecht, Antwerp. Around 160,000 tulips are grown in this region every two years. It is said that around 450 years back, first tulip bulbs arrived from Antwerp port. A huge celebration was thrown during the harvest. The tradition still continues.

We reached the location by car. There was a small tour train picking up people from the center of the place who wanted to visit the field. We could also walk to field from the parking spot.

train             Pic: Antwerpen.be

The field had colorful carpet of tulips. There was a long queue to enter the field. Everyone were given a scissor at the entrance and certain guidelines as to how we can cut the tulips. People were given an opportunity to pick 10 tulips each for free. There was also a separate field meant only for taking photographs.

good Pic: Antwerpen.be

There was street food counters, workshop counters and large play area set especially for this day. The plucked tulips could be handed over in a counter where the flowers were rested in water. Meantime we could enjoy the street food and relax. We could also collect a plastic vase in the same counter. There was workshop on flower arrangement.tulip blog

We got a bunch of flowers home which lasted for 5 days.

Tulip lovers, who also want to get home some free tulips have to visit this place.