Selective detonation, a short story

‘I will be late tonight, got an important meeting with clients’ shouts Rohit and leaves to office. ‘But today is Saturday and you promised to spend time with me’ murmurs his wife.

His meeting extends for more than the expected timing. ‘You never care for me’ reads his wife’s message. ‘Its an issue from your side, we shall escalate the issue’ says the client. He imagines of throwing the laptop, breaking the phone and hurting his wife. There is a detonation going on in his head. He takes a deep breath, fixes the issue and heads back home.

On the way home he stops to have tea in a street shop. ‘I heard software engineers never work, they just go to office for fun’ says the vendor. ‘Splash!’ Rohit throws the tea on vendors face. He starts hitting the vendor but was stopped immediately by other customers.

The explosion formed in his head is taking another form. Neither his wife, nor his colleagues know whats cooking in his brain. The uncontrolled anger made him throw stones at his neighbor’s house, as he remembers the fight he had the previous day. He reached home, has a fight with his wife and decides to quit his job. Phone rings ‘you are needed at the office, we have an escalation and only you can solve it’ says his manager.

Word Prompt: Detonate