Schöner Brunnen, Nuremberg, Germany

‘Schöner brunnen’ is a 14th century fountain in Hauptmarkt, Nuremberg. The specialty of the fountain is, it has a rotatable brass ring in between the iron grills. Turning the ring is considered to bring good luck and your wish will be fulfilled. People who want to have a child, turn it thrice and have experienced the luck.


I clicked the picture when a tourist was trying to rotate the ring. Difficult for short to reach the ring.


The tale is such that, master Kuhn, who built the iron lattice around the fountain had a beautiful daughter. A traveler was in love with his daughter and wanted to marry her. But the master insulted him as he was poor and just a traveler. The traveler discretely built a ring in between the fence. Later, when master observed the ring in between the Iron fence, he was impressed. He searched for the traveler, but did not find him anywhere. From that time onward anyone who rotates the ring and makes a wish, its said to come true.

The wish ring is also available in market, beautifully designed by German designer Sven Weihreter. 

                                                       Desired Ring Original