Work of art – short story

‘I am looking for beautiful girl with a well maintained body’ says Jeff to his friends and leaves to Amsterdam, in search of his dream girl. There, he goes to red light area at mid night. ‘The girl whom I have been sketching in my mind might be here’ thought Jeff. He looks through every window, carefully from top to bottom. ‘Some wear pink, some wear black, Some have black hair some are blonde, but where are you’ Sings Jeff. He looks at a girl sitting on a chair turning her back to the window, her hair tied up, showing the tattoo on her back. ‘Wow! she is the one, I found her’ he jumped. The curtain closes, he had to wait for long. She starts telling him the hourly price. He just nodded his head and followed her.

‘Spreekt u dutch’ she asked,

‘I love dutch!’ Jeff was dumbstruck.

She was about to untie her hair, when he held her hand and slowly kissed. He felt her long neck with his hands, down to her tapering back.

‘You are a work of art, a body to be worshiped’ he told.

‘ja, ik heb geen tijd, sneller’ she said. What ever she told sounded heavenly to Jeff.

He took her next to the window, made her sit in the same position facing her back’. There was silence in the room. She turned back to check, Jeff immediately waved the sketch book and replied ‘I am sketching’.

‘Idiot’ she told and sat back in the same position.

P.S: Below sketching is not related to the story, its done by me (charcoal sketching).


Copyright © 2017 Namitha, Discover when lost

All Rights Reserved.


  1. Chiradeep says:

    Fabulous art of work Namitha. You wrote a story to present your charcoal art. Lovely. I loved the idea. But you have great hands and mind. A mind which has imagination to weave a story and hands to sketch that beautiful picture.

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    1. namithap says:

      Thank you 🙂

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