What you see depends on what you look for!


Here I see senescence of leaf, the process of aging in plants. The picture was taken in autumn, when the color of leaf had begun to change. This change in leaf color is due to degradation of chlorophyll in plants, a programmed self death, induced by the change in temperature. Leaf senescence is the final stage of leaf development. It is the process where the nutrients relocate from leaves to reproducing seeds. Once the nutrients are transferred to the seeds, the leaf sheds off from the plant.

Weekly photography challenge- Delta

Picture credit: Pramod Tantri



  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Beautiful capture, and love how you captured the sunlight fitting towards you and the leaf. Something about the leaf is so warm, so friendly, so inviting. Sounds like the cycle of life there – nutrients go from leaf to seed, then soon from seed to leaf when the weather gets warmer. And so the cycle repeats. Lovely interpretation of the challenge 🙂


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