Rhyme,a short story

Italian family with two children purchased a mansion, next to the lake. The place was very quite and the family would rarely get to see any of their neighbours. After certain days the mother notices that her little girl is singing a strange rhyme ‘i am a doll about to fall’. When her mom asked who taught her this new rhyme, she mentions about her new friend who kept singing this rhyme. Mother felt suspicious about this new friend. The next day mother called her daughter for dinner, but she did not respond. After searching in nearby places, they found her body in the lake. With broken heart the family sold the house.

The other family which arrived goes through the same situation and the family sells the house. The house was tagged as haunted. People rarely even looked at the house.

Rosalie was pregnant and a brave lady. She loved the lake which was next to the house and decided to buy the house. One evening she heard a rhyme ‘i am a doll about to fall’. She went in search of this intoxicating voice. She reached the garage which was normaly a warehouse. She hears the voice loud and clear. She stepped on something, her heart started to beat faster. She holds the cross pendent in her chain. With her torch light she saw, it was a doll, a girl doll which was reciting the rhyme. The doll was very beutiful with blue green eyes. When she held the doll in her hand, the doll again sang the same rhyme. She smiles and recites the rhyme along with doll. She heard a meow, a cat cry. She threw the doll aside and ran to save the cat which was drowning in the lake. Accidentally she tripped over a rope and fell to the lake. Luckily, she knew swimming and was saved. Only then they realise that the house was not haunted, it was a rope that was carelessly tied near the lake that made the children trip and fall to the lake.



  1. Michael says:

    Interesting. Could hand the makings of a big old horror tale

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  2. Nice one…find the right reason is the take away!

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  3. Ending was so logical .. appreciate !!

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    1. namithap says:

      Thank you 🙂


  4. Lifetime Chicago says:

    I was just thinking about researching haunted lakes


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