A black cat, short story

Anchan in her teen age, was told that a black cat crossing the path would bring bad luck. She did not believe it until she experienced the same. She was travelling with her parents in a car, when a black cat crossed the road. Her superstitious grandmother warned her son who was driving, to return back home. He angrily took a u-turn, clashing the car to a tree. Anchan lost her mother in this accident and the cat was to be blamed.

Anchan was now herself a mother and did not want these superstitions to effect her daughter. She kept all her anxiety for herself. When Anchan was dropping her child to school, similar situation arised, a cat crossed the road. Gingerly, she drove the car to side and stopped for awhile. Anchan closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her heart was beating faster, she started imagining losing her child. Anchan was lost in her thoughts, when her daughter shouted ‘Mama I will get late to school, hurry up’. She had to decide quickly. ‘We are going back home, I left my purse’ said Anchan to her daughter.

When Anchan got back home, the door was unlocked. She tells her daughter to wait near the door. Anchan was shocked to see her husband with other woman. She quickly closed the door and dropped her child to school. She had a bigger situation to think about than the cat. Anchan caught her husband red handed, upon which he confessed that he was having an affair from past one year. Anchan realised her husband was not happy with her and asked for a divorce.
She went to her room, slammed the door and started crying ‘Why did the cat choose my car to cross the road, it broke my relationship!’