Whisper, a short story

Riya was working as a school teacher and a yoga instructor. On the way to school she was surprised to hear honking everywhere. Riya tried to shut her ears with hands, she tried to use the head phone, yet she could not avoid the noice. There was an uncalled strike for a hour, which led to the traffic jam. That night, she was reading a book in her room when she suddenly heard a whisper. It was difficult for her to sleep after hearing the whisper. Her friends laughed at her, thinking that she was trying to be a droll person.

The next day in school, she heard a whisper again. She ignored the whisper and continued teaching. It was difficult for her to concentrate as she was hearing the whisper continuously. It was disturbing her mentally. She took leave for some days and went back to her hometown. Her parents were worried looking at her condition. They believed that she was possessed and the whisper was caused due to evil spirit. They took her to priest and several rituals were performed.

She had to make an educated choice of visiting the doctor. She was explained by the doctor that she was in depression, and it was a psychological condition. She was prescribed anti-depressant pills. It was hard for her to believe that she was in depression. She went to the ear and throat specialist as suggested by a colleague. The specialist then explained that the sound in ears were due to a condition known as Tinnitus. It was not a psychological problem or depression. It was ringing sound in ears caused due to sudden exposure of horn, bomb or any loud sound. After getting to know the reason behind the sound in her ears, she made sure that the students were made aware of several new diseases affecting the people in day to day life.

P.S : Just created a story to spread awareness of Tinnitus. Most of the education system is focused on text books. It would rather be encouraging if the curriculum also consists the study of recent research papers which are published by the scientists.