Woollen Socks, a short story

Juan moved to a new city in search of a job. She shared her apartment with Simi who was working as a journalist. Juan spent her early mornings in a cafeteria located just beneath the apartment. One morning Juan saw an old lady knitting woollen socks, the size of socks was rather big.
Juan asked her ‘It’s beautiful! for whom are you knitting the socks?’.
She smiled and replied, ‘for my son Tony in heaven’.
Juan felt sorry for the lady and went back to her apartment when she suddenly bumped into Simi. ‘My boyfriend is not receiving any calls from past two days, I need to lodge a complaint’ said Simi.

After few days Juan got a note from Simi reading ‘don’t look for me’. Juan thought she must have gone to her hometown in search of her boyfriend, until police showed up at her doorstep. Police informed her that Simi and her boyfriend, Tony were missing. The couple were investigating on a case of missing people. Juan was dumbstruck as she realised that she had heard his name before from the lady knitting the socks. The next morning she found that lady knitting a female socks. Juan out of curiosity asked for whom is this socks. She replied ‘For my daughter Simi who is in heaven’. Juan asked the lady ‘How do you know Simi and Tony? who are you?’. The lady had tears in her eyes and she left the table. Juan followed the lady to her house. She managed to get inside the house. Carefully she peeped into all the rooms. One of the room was very cold with lots of cupboards in the room. The temperature of the room was nearly -15degree. She recognised a socks which was peeping from the cupboard. When she suddenly felt a bang on her head from behind.
Next day in the cafeteria, barista sees the lady knitting socks again, ‘for whom are you knitting socks today’ smiled the barista.
‘It is for my daughter Juan who is in heaven’ said the lady.