Unexpected friendship

Raima missed her train to Berlin and was in a dilemma whether to spend the night in a hotel or in the railway station’s waiting room.
Just then, a man bumped into her.
‘Oh crap! did I miss the train?’, he was panting.
Raima nodded her head.
He sat on the bench and started playing flute, attracting the near by crowd. Raima watched him for sometime and took leave to drink a cup of coffee.
In no time he was next to her waiting in the same queue.
‘I was trying to impress you and you ignored me’ he said.
With a smile on her face she introduced herself  ‘I am Raima, doing my law internship, on the way to Berlin’.
‘Oh cool! I am Jeff, going back to my hometown, Berlin’.
After a short conversation both decided to spend the night in station’s waiting room. To their surprise, they were also accompanied by few homeless people.

She woke up in mid-night and realised Jeff was gone. She went near the door to check if everything was fine. In the dark, under the street lights she saw some girls waiting for pick up. Some were selling drugs and some were fighting for it. She held her fist in fear and returned to the station.
She was not able sleep after Jeff was gone.
‘Boom’ said Jeff near Raima’s ear.
‘You scared me!’ Raima shouted.
‘Oh! lioness is scared at night’ said Jeff raising his eyebrows. This was enough to cheer her up.
‘Do you know whats happening outside the station’ she asked him curiously.
‘Yup! do you want to take a walk?’ Jeff anxiously replied.
She decided to join him.
‘I saw you had vodka, would you mind sharing’ asked Raima.
Jeff laughed and shared some drink with Raima.
They went to different streets, watching life at night. Some students were going home, where as others were just stepping out of house. Narrow streets had glowing graffiti making the street look more beautiful. Jeff was photo shooting everything at night and Raima was too curious to see whats happening at night in Germany.

They returned back to station only in the morning, right on time. They got into the train, dumped their bags in the luggage rack and were soon asleep. Raima woke up with a bad headache almost in the last stop and found a note next to her ‘will miss you lioness’, with her broken lipstick next to it. Raima took a deep breath and held the note close to her heart.



  1. Just WOW! A short simple story, yet so lively. Loved the way you write 🙂

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    1. Namitha says:

      Thank you for your appreciation:)


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