Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival in America, when the pilgrims (an English colony that came to America in a ship) celebrated a day in the year, to be grateful for all the blessings in life. This tradition got passed over with time. And eventually, a celebration is thrown within the family every year to celebrate all the things that pleased them. A tradition that started in America, is now being celebrated in other countries worldwide.

On Thanksgiving day the family enjoys their dinner together, offers prayer to God and sometimes organises a fun event. It is common to exchange gifts during this time. Below is the list of thoughtful gift ideas to celebrate the festival.

Some book gift ideas for every host this thanksgiving

If you are wondering what are you grateful for? Enlighten yourself with the self-help poetry book Treasures of life, Every poetry will make you realise how grateful you are towards life!

This thanksgiving is a great moment to be grateful to your mom, and as gratitude, do gift her with the Mom journal, to fulfil all her goals and to never give up on her dreams.

If you have a younger toddler sibling or a toddler child who is fascinated by the alphabet and vehicles, then the Alphabet colouring book is the right gift for the little one.

Anyone in the family who admires another culture and is curious to learn something new. The Warli art book is the best gift for the new learner. What is more joyful than learning an ancient art of India.

And of course, your time for your loved ones and a big hug hold the first place in the gift section which is irreplaceable.

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!