6 ways to stimulate speech in toddlers

Every child develops at their own pace. The only thing in our hands is to keep encouraging them to communicate. There are several strategies to stimulate speech in toddlers:

  1. Engage in conversations: Talk to your child often and engage in small talk by asking questions, responding to their cues, and encouraging them to share their thoughts and feelings. If interested, check out my book –LET US TALK (paperback & ebook available) for this activity.
  2. Read to your child: Reading books to your child helps in building vocabulary and language skills. Point out pictures and ask questions about the story to encourage conversation.
  3. Play with your child: Play is a part of language development. Use toys and games to encourage your child to communicate and express themselves.
  4. Use gestures and facial expressions: Use gestures and facial expressions to help the child understand what you are saying. For example, point to objects while naming them or make funny faces to convey different emotions.
  5. Sing and use rhymes: Singing relevant rhymes during an activity will help them remember the words and also the activity.
  6. Repeat and expand: Repeat what your child says and then add more information to expand on what they said. This will help them learn how to form a sentence.