Luck – short story

I am very excited as I have to perform dance tomorrow in Bangalore, my dream of being a choreographer is getting closer. I have packed my bag and am waiting for the bus. Its an overnight journey from my hometown.

Here comes my bus, I have reserved seat number 24, single window seat. I love travelling at night from hometown to Bangalore. I keep gazing at night sky siting in the window seat. As I start dreaming, a man approached, he asked me to get down from the bus as the seat is reserved for someone else. ‘No I have already paid, this is my ticket’ I said. But he did not listen to me and started shouting. I don’t like creating a scene in public, I got down from the bus and immediately booked a ticket in other bus. I had to wait half an hour for the next bus to arrive but it was better than me missing tomorrow’s competition. I did not get a window seat but was able to sit comfortably next to a woman.

I could not stop cursing the unknown man who made me get down from my window seat. I reached Bangalore, dressed up for the show, and performance went very well. My dance was appreciated by everyone, also I got many invitations for other dance programs. I checked my phone and see 15 missed calls from my mother. I had forgotten to inform her that I reached safely. I called back to my parents and apologized. They told me that the bus I had taken was on fire and the passengers were stuck in some village on the way to Bangalore. ‘Wow!’ The man whom I was cursing all the way was actually catapulted to me, at the right time.

Daily word prompt: Catapult

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    Karma strikes 😃🦉

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