Safari Park, Liege

Monde Sauvage Safari Park is in Liege, French speaking part of Belgium. The animal park has more than 1000 animals of 273 different species from 5 continents. We reached the destination by car. The tickets were bought through Groupon, as it was on offer, otherwise the tickets cost 22 euro/person and 4 euros for parking.

It was for the first time we went on car were the animals moved and jumped around us. Safari ride was for about half n hour. There was also a small safari train which was specially meant for ride, people interested had to pay 4 euro extra. We received a chart with all the different animals in the park. So we could just match the animals in the pictures.




After safari ride, we parked our car and entered the park by foot. A map was at the entrance with all the information and points of interest. IMG_20170506_152318

There was also a playground area, restaurant, themed parks, a dome with different birds and many more. It was indeed a very lovely experience.