In the region of Vaals, Netherlands there is a major tourist attraction, a point where borders between three countries: Belgium, Netherlands and Germany (Duitsland) meet. It was established in 1918. Drielandenpunt in Dutch means a land where three points meet and is the highest point in Nederlands. Below is the map of Drielandenpunt, showing the intersection of country borders.

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Number 13 in map is where the meeting point of 3 land is exhibited. It has a stone, in which initials of these countries are inscribed.

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There is also a stone which was placed in 1986, with the inscription “Highest point of Netherland.”IMG_20160326_173853.jpg

Number 14 in the map, is a 50m high tower. Beautiful view from top of this tower. Top could be reached either by lift or stairs.

Boudewijn tower




Number 7 in the map is Labyrinth/Maze, where the walls between passages are made up of vertical hedges. Fun part is to reach the centre of the Maze or finding your companion in between these tall shrubs. It has an entrance fee of  5 euro/ person.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 4.18.32 PM
Labyrint (image: pinterest)

Drielandenpunt is a location for people interested in history, trekking, children play area or just to drink a tasty cup of coffee/chocolate milk enjoying the view from top.



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    Wonderful word Drielandenpunt – to signify concursion of three points!!

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