Keukenhof, flower garden

Keukenhof is 68 years old, worlds largest flower garden, in Lisse Netherlands. It was initiated as a source of herbs for a castle’s kitchen in 15th century, which was later converted as spring park for public in 1950 with 236,000 visitors. It is opened every year from March-May, with a flower parade organised in April. The garden grows about 7 million tulip bulbs of different species every year. Keukenhof is also an opportunity for floricultural sector, where exhibitors try to showcase their collection of tulip bulbs.


DSCN1713 2


Some new collection of flowers are also named after famous celebrities, with the theme ‘walk of fame’. We were in search of tulip named after Indian celebrity ‘Aishwarya Rai’ and finally found it.



Keukenhof is not only for adults but also for children. It’s a themed park with several activities taking place within the area. Parking is paid and is well maintained with people to guide you to available parking area. As you exit the garden you can find market with different tulip bulbs and plants for sale.







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