Things to do in Belgium this winter

Belgium is a stunning place to visit and witness the fusion of traditional infrastructure and modern art. The best thing about winter in Belgium is the Christmas festive vibes that is celebrated for a month. With lights welcoming cobble stone street, the horse chariot, the markets with handmade stuffs, makes you really appreciate the country. Snow in winter is not much to be expected, but rainfall is common. So make sure to take your umbrella with you. I have listed out some of my favourite things to do in Belgium during winter.

Hot chocolate milk: Belgium is known worldwide for its chocolates. The best way to enjoy winter season is by drinking hot chocolate milk. You can find it in all Christmas market or even at restaurant. You can enjoy this tasty cup of cacao anytime. Especially if you are in Brugge you get some best chocolate milk. Cold winter nights, with no gloves, holding a warm cup of chocolate milk is a bliss. You also get chocolate sticks that you can easily purchase and prepare hot chocolate milk at home.

Mulled wine: Also known as hot wine/gluh wine is a traditional drink made with combination of red wine, different spices, citrus fruits and sugar. Its served warm. You can also find non alcoholic mulled wine. A nice way to warm you up during cold winter evenings.

Christmas markets: Cold lengthy winter nights looks magical and festive due to Christmas markets. All the local products are usually sold during this time. Tiny wooden huts are made to sell Christmas gifts and drinks. You can also enjoy the experience of sitting on giant wheel, scary house, and many other games. The famous drinks to enjoy in Christmas market includes mulled wine and Belgian jenever (liquor made from juniper berries), which is served in different fruity flavours.

Light show in Brussels: It is a must visit attraction if you are there in Brussels at the time of Christmas. The light dancing to the beats of music, held at grand place, is magical to watch.

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The show begins in the evening and is run every thirty minutes. You can just stand and watch the lights as its displayed on old buildings, or grab a cup of hot wine sitting in the restaurant in front of the grand place and watch it. A classic experience not to be missed!

Antwerp lights: Antwerp zoo organises the light festival every winter with different themes. This year 2020, Antwerp ZOO has a theme of Jungle Book. All the fans of Mowgli, Bagheera are sure to be fascinated.

Ice skating: Most of the Christmas markets in Belgium include ice skating rink. Not only children but also elders can enjoy the ice skating. Any first timer can get into the rink, if you have confidence and it doesn’t matter to you how many times you fall.

Sales season: Make the most of the winter sales in Belgium. Sales/’solden’ in Dutch happens twice in a year. The first solden of the year starts from first week of January and ends on 31 January. It is the seasonal renewal of clothes by all brands. The prices reduce up until 80% during the last weeks. From small boutiques to luxury designer cloths all sell it for a reduced price. Some of the best shopping districts in Belgium are in Antwerp, Maasmechelen village, brussels and other cities. Winter is the best season for all the shopping addicts.

Flash sale (BENL) (03/03 - 09/03)


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