Week of fries in Belgium

It is a controversial topic of how fries ended up being named as ‘French fries’ while it was originally discovered in Belgium. The Belgians in general speak three different languages, dutch, french and german. Some source say that, fried potatoes were served by french speaking natives to American soldiers who arrived in Belgium during World War I. As the deep fried potatoes were served by french speaking population, the American army named them as ‘French fries’.

It is an art of making fries in Belgium, with particular shape and size. There is also fries museum, The frietmuseum, in Brugge, dedicated to history and production of fries.

The last week of November celebrates the culinary heritage in Belgium. The national organisation, VLAM is promoting the traditional potato snack, fries, all over the country. Fries are placed on some of the well known statues in different location of Flemish region. They will be placed on the statues for a week.


photo credit: weekvandefriet