Inexpensive gifts for Valentine’s Day

There are different ways of impressing your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. It could be by buying a most expensive gift or as simple as telling ‘I love you’. But the whole purpose of celebrating Valentine’s day is to make your loved one feel special. So why not spend the most precious thing that you owe? Yes! Its you time! Here are some tips to make your Valentine’s day memorable:

An activity together: Go for a jog/ walk/ gym together. If one of the partner is too much into fitness, then its time to accompany him/her in their activity. This could make your partner feel very grateful. Also makes you proud that you have made an affort to make your partner happy.

Cook together: He can impress her or vice versa by cooking your favourite meal but why not cook together. It’s a best way of communicating with each other, getting to know whats your food beliefs and so on.

Memory talk: Spend your time in a peaceful place by checking some old valentines day pictures. Bring back the memories, say to each other what was that in him/her so attractive the you fell in love instantly. Feel good about your relationship.

Play a game: The most fun filled game to play as a couple would be truth or dare. You can personalise all the truth/dare questions that you want to ask in a jar. When your turn comes, pick up a question and perform the task.