Guidelines for healthy diet

Healthy diet is directly linked to good health and a peaceful mind. Hence, it is necessary to watch what you eat and how you eat. Following certain guidelines can help to prevent most of the digestive and related psychological problems. Some guidelines to follow for healthy diet, are listed below:

  1. Don’t miss your breakfast. Also restrict your meals to a certain time, for example: if you have your breakfast at 8 am then dinner should be around 8pm (12 hours fast, intermittent fasting). This helps in weight loss, improves concentration, boosts energy and many other benefits.
  2. It is important to chew your food properly before swallowing or else it could cause excess toxin generation leading to poor digestion. Hence, eating too fast is not recommended.
  3. Eat freshly cooked food. Reheating changes the flavour and reduces digestion.
  4. Conscious eating is recommended. In this busy world, to save time we often eat during meetings or while working. You are sometimes not aware of what you eat. This must be avoided. Your mind should react to body while eating.
  5. As per Ayurveda combination of certain herbs like, cumin, aesofotida, turmeric helps avoid bloating or bad digestion. You can always add these herbs to your meal.
  6. If you feel a sense of fullness or poor digestion go for fasting. Listen to your body!

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