Impact of coronavirus fear on individuals

Everyone is familiar with deadly coronavirus disease, that in critical stage, could infect our respiratory organs. Fear spreads more faster than disease. This has resulted in change of normal things that we observe in everyday life:

  1. We look suspiciously when someone has cold/cough. It is very rare to see individuals exchanging smiles these days. It has reached to an extent of avoiding eye contact.
  2. Not any more we hear ‘bless you’ when sneezed.
  3. Blame game: we have started to blame each other for spreading of virus, leading to racism and hatred.
  4. Misusing the situation has increased. Masks, sanitisers or other essentials are being sold in double the price.
  5. There are people who socialise at work or outside the house. Self-quarantine has, in such situation increased loneliness and depression.

On the other hand there are some good positive things happening around cause of fear and self-quarantining:

  1. Cleanliness Awareness: we have conciously started to keep ourselves and belongings clean
  2. Family bonding: we are forced to spend more time with family. An opportunity to re-bond with each other.
  3. Old aged people are sometimes neglected within family, but now, its time to understand their importance and spend more time with them.
  4. Increase in creativity: people are reading books, performing yoga, getting creative with their workouts and other things.
  5. Minimalism: quarantine shopping has made us realise not much is required and less is wasted. Importance of minimalism is understood.