Stay together!

There was a time when fire was considered to be most powerful, as it does not acknowledge the race, rich or poor, educated or not.

Similarly the world is equalised today by Covid-19, awakening the thought that we are all humans first.

At this state of time, a lot of opinions are put forward on how our country is better than the rest, maybe because of the early measures that are being taken to prevent it, or other reasons. A blame game of who is spreading the virus, has risen an increase in racism. Where is it all leading? We never know whats happening on the other side until we experience it. Let’s show love and respect to each other.

It is understandable that when we feel helpless we start to blame others. It is a normal human behaviour. But, the rise of different viruses are unstoppable. It has spread before, it’s happening now, it will happen in future. An uninvited guest that can originate anywhere next time. We have to be prepared to face such pandemic together, in present and in future!