Children go on bear hunting in Belgium

Bear hunting is an initiative volunteered by locals of Belgium to entertain children. The thought is inspired by a dutch book ‘we gaan op berenjacht’.

Quarantine times could be very depressing for everyone. People look for motivation to go out even for a walk. In such case, it could be slightly unhealthy for children to just stay inside or not want to go for a walk as it is ‘boring’.

Bear hunting is an initiative taken by people to place a teddy bear in the window sill facing streets. This idea motivates children step outside. It makes walk much interesting as you go in search of bears. At least once while walking there would be a distraction of pandemic talks and you are really in present, hunting for bears. It’s a non verbal task, hence there is no language restriction and anyone can participate.

Not only there are bears, but also other stuffed animals like, Winnie the pooh, panda, monkey and many more. If you do not have a stuffed animal you can download a bear hunting poster and hang them on window.

Bear hunting poster

Of course there are also some rules and guidelines to be followed while bear hunting. Its advised not to go too far in search of these teddy bears and stay close to house.

A lot of people are participating in Belgium. ‘Its fun to see bears outside, makes walk much interesting’ mothers are posting on Instagram.