Indian temple in Belgium

Radhadesh is the most familiar place to every Indian in Belgium. In the hilly regions of Ardennes you can find this beautiful temple. It is an old castle that has been transformed into a temple. The castle was built around 11th  century and was bought by ISKON in the year 1979.

The main mission of ISKON includes,

  • Spreading and educating spiritual knowledge to achieve unity and peace in the world.
  • Spreading consciousness of Lord Krishna and great scriptures of India like The Bhagavad-gita.
  • Spreading knowledge of reincarnation of soul, humanity and love. Together with preaching, the organisation is also dedicated in writing and distributing books, magazines and other writings.

Services offered by Temple

The interesting part of the temple is that, they have initiated an education, the Hindu Vaishnav university in Belgium, Bhaktivendantha college. The college also offers some interesting online courses.

The temple provides wonderful service of picking you up from the railway station and dropping to temple by car. All necessary information for pick up is found in their website.

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Pic credit: Radhadesh website

Colorful clothes are dressed on idols in every special occasion. Especially the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth, is not to be missed. A mini India is seen during this festival in Radhadesh.

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You are always welcome to the vegetarian Indian restaurant and cafeteria, just next to the temple. The restaurant offers delicious home made food and desserts, with very peaceful ambiance. Attached to the restaurant is an Indian boutique, that comprises most of the Indian products like, textiles, jewellery, musical instruments, books etc.,

Pic credit: Radhadesh website                    

A beautiful place amidst the forest. You don’t have to be a follower of ISKON to visit this place. You can offer prayers to Lord, have delicious Indian food, buy sovereigns in Indian boutique and relax in the guest house. The rooms offer comfortable accommodations for affordable prices.



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