Types of travellers – What kind of traveller are you?

Travelling to the same destination with different purpose creates the types of travellers. Some travel to self discover, others to discover the culture. Which type of traveller are you?

Nature traveller:

These are the travellers who are filled with gratitude and feel a sense of satisfaction amid nature. Nature walks triggers their deepest philosophies and possibly turn out to be poetic. They just like to get lost in woods and wouldn’t mind staring at trees all day long.

Food lover:

These are the travellers who would have made well research about food and restaurants. They travel only to taste famous cuisine. You could find them roaming around the street, checking the menus of different restaurant.

Curious traveller:

Curious to know everything about the place. Culture, architecture, food , people, anything that is new to them. They also maintain a journal to write down their experiences.

Occasion travellers:

They are there for an occasion. Party, marriage, concert or meeting friends.

The pilgrim:

These are the travellers who hop on to different sacred places for religious reasons. They would find the party or malls to be too fascinating. Especially in India, the elderly population love travelling to different temples.

Fashion travellers:

These are the travellers who go in search of fashion or new trends. Mostly the professionals from film industry, influencers. They look for inspiration around the world.


They travel to explore the destination independently, even while in the group. They are there to self discover themselves, increase their confidence level and be independent.

Adventure travellers:

They travel with the purpose of having physical activities and gaining new experiences.