Passionate you could be
                   But consistency is the key!

We are all passionate about something or the other and try to be successful in the chosen field. Again, success is a measure, and it varies from person to person. Only a few, out of many people are able to be successful or make a living from their passion. What could be the reason? Is it luck, hard-work or consistency?

  • There is nothing called as luck, as per my opinion. Whoever is lucky is an opportunist, not in bad terms though. They are the ones who are capable of making the right choice immediately and grab the opportunity.
  • Hard-work is exhausting. It could give satisfaction but unless you think smarter, the reward for hard-work will be kept to rest.
  • Finally, left with consistency! Yes, it is the key (again in my opinion). Results are not observed quickly, but someday when you are consistent you will be rewarded. And reward is not always money. It could be knowledge, it could be love. It comes to you in one form or the other.