Use Wh-questions to stimulate speech in children!

Parents are alerted when a child usually does not talk at an appropriate age. Causes of speech delay could be numerous. Some issues need to be evaluated and require medical intervention. Whereas other reasons like bilingualism or being a late talker can also be an explanation for speech delay.


What, Where, who, why, and when are the lists of Wh-questions that await a specific response. These questions help demonstrate a child’s understanding of the subject and boost communication skills. Please read the previous article to learn more about the importance of the Wh-question.

Visual communication is the most interesting way of communicating with the child. Begin with the easy questions, by showing the pictures and pointing towards them.

Questions like: What colour is the apple?
What sound does the cat make?

Download the free pdf of the sample What questions and other WH questions:

For more Wh-questions, please have a look at my book –‘Let us talk’ on Amazon. The book covers a list of WH questions -What, Where, Who, Why and When.