Let us talk- WH question book, now available on Amazon.

Understanding the concept of a particular language happens in early childhood. The capacity of one child to grasp language skills will differ from another. It is always advised not to introduce multiple languages simultaneously. There are a few children who are good in language and can adapt to the change in language, but also other children who are good in many other things but need extra effort and help to develop language.

What is WH question?

WH questions are the lists of questions beginning with the letter – WH –What, where, why, who, when. These are the lists of questions that await a specific response. You will only ask it when you need some information. 

Importance of Wh question:

  • These are the essential foundation of language development
  • It helps improve conversational and social skills in children
  • To demonstrate a child’s understanding of the subject
  • It helps to build a connection with the reader.

LET US TALK, available on Amazon.

Let us talk is a WH question book to stimulate speech in early childhood. It is an interactive picture book with large printed lists of WH questions- What, Where, Why, Who, and When, to be asked by a parent/guardian.

It is a book to motivate a child to understand and respond better to the subject and is not a book for evaluating a child’s language development. Available on Amazon worldwide paperback and ebook. Prices vary depending on the region in which it is published.