Rita spent most of her time taking care of her two children. She had a past of drug addiction and with great difficulties, with the intension of being a better mother, she quit  drugs. Her boyfriend was also a drug addict but was not able to quit. He used to visit home once in week as he was afraid of harming his children.

It was Saturday evening when her boyfriend visited home. He opened the wine bottle and raised his glass in a toast of getting new job. It started with a drink, and he started taking drugs. Annoyed Rita asked him to leave the house immediately. The couple ended up fighting till late night, which even woke up the children. Neighbours knocked the door to check if they were hurting their children. When the cry did not stop, neighbours informed police suspecting child abuse. Police and child care association were at Rita’s doorstep to resolve the issue. Police found the man drunk and traces of alcohol even in Rita’s breath. As they had a very bad past, they were taken into custody for child abusive case. Rita looked back at her children when she was being pulled away by the police. She could see blurred image of her children through her teary eyes. She was not able to wipe her tears as her hands were tied in chain. ‘Am sorry my children!’ were her last words to the children.

P.S: I tried to write a story to show some injustice happening around us without conducting the actual research. Here Rita’s past caused separation from her children. It is important to be careful with children but such harsh judgement like, 5 years away from children or children being handed over to other families is just like killing the parents when they are still alive. I never knew that there are people who fight against such injustice until I met few Amnesty supporters in Belgium.
Amnesty International is a London-based non profit organisation/ non government organisation focused on human rights. The organisation has supporters worldwide and the supporters irrespective of their relation with victim fight against injustice. The main objective of the organization is “to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated”. The group tries to investigate and expose the facts whenever abuses occur.
Amnesty organization was started in 1961, by British lawyer Peter Benenson. He launched a campaign when he realised that two Portuguese students were jailed just for raising a toast to freedom. The campaign provoked response from worldwide. Brave are the people who offer such miraculous support and are willing to fight for unknown people.