5 simple habbits to make mornings less stressful

Getting out of the house in the morning during the weekdays could be a challenge, if you are not well prepared. Having children to feed, leaving them to school, also getting ourselves ready could be a bit of a headache. I have listed out a few routines that have helped me minimize my morning stress.

Meal planning :

Have you ever stood in front of the fridge wondering what you need to cook today? Or have you ever felt that its time to start cooking some healthy meals and avoid outside food. Then meal planning could be something for you. Whether you need to plan for a single person or for the whole family, meal planning could be a saviour. Every Fridays plan for the upcoming week meals and accordingly you can buy vegetables or other stuff. This will also help to avoid wasting excess food.

Wake up early:

It is very stressful to rush ourselves or our sleepy kids to school in the mornings. Neither parents or children would have a productive day. You need to be fully awake before starting the day. Waking up early gives sufficient time to prepare my mind for the day.

Prepare night routine:

There is a saying that a moms day starts in the evening the day before. We need to prepare everything beforehand, that is needed for the next day, to reduce morning stress. For example: keeping the school uniforms ready, cleaning the house before going to bed. If your children are old enough then its important to include them in keeping their things ready for the next day. Other night routines could include:

  • Cutting vegetables for lunch/dinner
  • Pack bags
  • Pre-breakfast preparation. As I am an Indian we usually make dosas in the morning. So its important to prepare the batter the day before.
  • Clean the house, especially the kitchen. Its always good to wake up in the mornings to see a clean home.

Have ‘me’ time in mornings:

Every mother, irrespective of whether you have to go to work or not, it is important for mental peace to start the day by spending some time with yourself. It could be reading, drinking a cup of coffee, exercise or it could also be facial make up as long it makes you happy. Waking up for my needs give me motivation to wake up early in the morning.

Leave on a good note:

Your day would be more brighter when you wish each other a great day and express how much you love them. Leaving on a good note helps you to boost your confidence and face new challenges.