Is it important to be popular?

It’s a normal human tendency of wanting to be popular. How and why? Is the question you need to ask yourself. Everyone wants to be popular, it could start at the age of 15 and the craving could continue past 60. Popularity should not be misunderstood with likability. Its important to understand the types of popularity before passing judgements:

  • Popular to run a business/workplace. The more popular you are, its likely to run a successful business. This is required for everyone in one or other stages of life. This type of popularity depends on publicising your skills and expertise. The more popular you are the better chances it is to get hired or promoted.

  • Other type is likability. People often confuse it with popularity. There is no harm in wanting to be liked. It is quite important in life. You are filled with emotions and your are wanting people to like you so that you can express your emotions towards them. The more you are liked and loved surely you will be able to pass on the energy to others. There is always a difference in wanting to be liked and wanting to get popular. The ones wanting to be liked are just in feeling of being lonely. So not to be confused and be rude to them.

  • Some are just born popular. Children inherit the popularity of their parents. It is not harmful. But it is in the hands of parents, how they raise their children.

  • The harmful type of popularity is wanting to be ‘famous’. Just wanting to be popular to express your visibility could lead to unwanted troubles. Popularity often attracts attention. It can be good or bad. If you are wanting to be popular be prepared for the criticism, obsession and disappointments that are going to fall on your path. In the age of social media it is easy to spread your popularity. How popular you are depends on the number of followers you have. Social media is a trap. It pulls you out from reality.

    Lack of self esteem could be the possible reason to crave for popularity. It’s an external force people take to boost their confidence. More popular you get, the better you might feel about yourself. Such cravers will always be searching for boosters to feel good about themselves.
    Confident you are internally, it is less likely wanting to be popular externally.
    It is impossible to dim the light that shines from within!