3 Ways to practice gratitude with Warli art

Practising gratitude is important for a healthy and happy lifestyle. A sense of peace and contentment is experienced when you are grateful for everything. Practising gratitude can also be a way of manifestation. You attract more blessings that you can be grateful for.

How to practise gratitude:

  • Verbal expressing how grateful you are to another person. 
  • It has become trending how people take to social media to express their gratitude through their posts. 
  • Write it down in a journal. It is the most followed way of practising gratitude by every individual who keeps a Journal. (If you are a mother looking for a new Journal, please look at my journal book- MOM made for every ambitious mothers.)
  • The third best way to express gratitude by most of them is the visual form by using art. Emotional stickers are also available in the market, which you can use to stick on the journal. But I prefer Warli art, which can be used to express gratitude in a very visual way.

Three ways to practise gratitude with Warli art:

Warli art is an ancient folk art of India. The art resembles the drawings of the cave people of our ancestors.

  • If you are a journal-writing person. Then, at the beginning of the day, you can always draw your mood, happy, sad, or dancing. Warli art does not have facial elements like eyes, nose, or other parts. But you can always improvise the drawing. If you wish to write down gratitude at the end of the day, then you can reflect on your day and draw the best moment of the day that made you feel contented. Like: playing with kids, reading a book, helping someone, etc., 
  • Create a positive affirmation wall art and hang it on your wall. You will surely remember the moment while looking at the wall art made by you. A memory and a home decor, it surely serves two purposes.
  • Send a thank you card to someone with hand-crafted Warli art, depicting the wonderful moment you spent with that person.

If you are willing to learn Warli art of India, you can have a look at the book I have published – Learn to draw Warli art. (Available on all Amazon marketplaces)

You can also find a free sample printable below: