21 days fitness tracker – Free download!

Change is the law of the Universe -Bhagavad Gita. Some people change with time, some change after a major life experience and others change by choice. The changes can be in the perception or in their lifestyle. Both need constant effort, consistency and motivation.

Your habits and routine put together in everyday life form your lifestyle. These habits can be good or bad. To change your lifestyle, you need to work on changing your habits by choice.

The main habit needed for healthy living is to keep yourself physically active. I have created a fitness tracker for all who need extra help in building this lifestyle habit. Without fail, try to follow the 21 days fitness challenge. Download, print and mount it on the wall. Stay motivated! Stay consistent!

Need more motivation to develop a good habit, be sure to check out my Daily to-do planner and MOM journal/planner.

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